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Turnaround - 4 Day

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If you need your sketch completed sooner than 7 days please choose the 4 day turnaround fee. Shipping takes up to 2 days. We also have a 2 day turnaround fee. 

If you need the sketch sooner I can email you a card you can present to your wife stating that a sketch is on the way or that she gets to work with the artist to create her sketch. Just tell her that you didn't know so much was involved with creating a sketch. ie) what accent color would you like us to use, bouquet, shoes, etc. Look at you thinking about her!!! :-) So go ahead and place your order and just let me know you need a card. 

A few photos will allow us to create a personalized 8x10 sketch of her wedding dress. 

Dreamlines artists have created over 2,000 sketches worldwide since 2006. The sketches have been give as a one year anniversary gift, two year, etc, wedding gift, wedding day gift from the groom and as a shower gift.