How It Works


Dreamlines mirrors the wedding attire in a fashion style sketch.

A Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch takes 7 days to complete once we have your photos.

We offer a 4 day and 2 day turnaround option, which is available when ordering. 

You can email photos to

After you place an order you will receive an automatic email from the system. I, Nikki Gentry, will email you with an introduction email within 24 hours after you have placed the order, verifying your details and photos, as well as an email stating that we have everything we need and then a final email once the sketch is mailed out.

The dress is completely white or ivory with maybe a tint of color; peach, yellow, blue, etc. of the artist’s choice to enhance areas of the dress, which will be applied with pens, water colors or other tools. The sketch paper is off-white. If your suit or wedding dress has a dark rich color we will make it as dark as possible without taking away from the detail of the wedding attire.

The artist will add color to the suit and gown, so as to give the dimension needed to the sketch. If we do not add this color the sketch will be flat. If you choose to have a tint/hue or full color in the suit please let us know. Otherwise the artist will create her vision for the darkness in the suit. Please view our gallery to see our styles of dark colored suits; some have tints of color and some are very dark in color.

The artist will enhance the beading, lace, tint of color etc. to her choice or your choice if you specify in the order form. If you only request for a piece to be enhanced without specific instructions, she will create this with her vision. The sketch will be illustrated by pencil on high quality drawing paper with the best water color, pens or colored pencils.

A beautiful part of art is that an artist’s skill and talent is enhanced each time they create a Dreamlines wedding dress sketch. If you like a certain sketch in our gallery please let us know, as we have many artists within our portfolio. Please note that the images on the gallery do not pick up all of the color, pencils and water color, so the original piece will have much more detail and color. We are always evolving and creating beautiful pieces, which are always added to the site and you will see how the sketches have evolved with the beautiful bow hangers to more defined lines. We always create the final piece that if you were to place it side-by-side to the photo it is a great representation. The sketches we create all have the same style, but they will all have different techniques and mediums each time we create a sketch. Dreamlines art is not precise and exact, we will replicate the outline and silhouette. Our art is whimsical and playful. If you place the sketch next to the bride we have made the sketch waist much tinier than the bride is and much hippier than the bride, but a side by side of the sketch and photo has the silhouette and outline that is spot on. That is our style…cinched wastes and curvy with gowns that have movement and flow. Again…this is whimsical art. We use watercolors and enhance colors for white watercolors. For instance we might not just use white water color, but will add a blue or yellow for depth. 

Please let us know if there are any embellishments to the dress that we cannot see in the photos. ie) pale pink lace, crystal embellishments, etc. If you do provide detail the artist WILL incorporate your vision with hers so as to create a unique piece. If the dress is slinky, tight and straight we will sketch it pretty streamlined. If there is any movement with excess material we will sketch it going out – swooshing left to right, which is a signature Dreamlines style. The dress will not just rest and skim the floor. Please note that military uniforms are very detailed. We use water colors as our main medium, as well as pens and pencils. We will replicate all the details of the uniform, but please know that it is very hard to capture the exact shapes and letters, as they are so very small. The dark military colors (navy and midnight blues) will not be used, as it can take away from the dress. We use a blue softer hue. Suits are drawn to mid knee length unless otherwise requested.

The Dreamlines wedding dress sketch will be shipped directly to the address that you state when ordering.

The My Dreamlines logo will not be on the final sketch.

A proof is not available, if you love our style you won’t be disappointed.